Long-Term Residential Program

Fairbanks’ extended residential treatment program is a gender-specific offering for men and women who are working to overcome addiction and have complex recovery issues that require extended treatment. Long-Term Residential treatment takes place at La Verna Lodge, distinct, peaceful, serene, simple and private settings for men and women.  The Long-Term Residential program helps individuals focus on life in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as regaining self-sufficiency.

At each gender-separated La Verna Lodge location, residents learn to build a foundation for recovery. This residential setting assists in healing from core Interpersonal issues that can endanger sobriety and personal growth. Treatment includes teaching life skills, providing recovery tools and instilling values that are necessary for a life in recovery.

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Women’s Long-Term Residential at La Verna Lodge

Because women recover from substance use disorder differently from men both biologically and psychologically, it’s important that they receive specialized care. This long-term residential program caters to the unique needs of women working to live in recovery and provides an environment where each woman can focus on her recovery in a safe, therapeutic and confidential setting.

Find out more about Fairbanks’ La Verna Lodge gender-specific long-term residential programs in our podcast, Recovery Talks:

Listen to Episode 12:  Jay Harpring, Manager at Fairbanks La Verna Lodge for Women, discusses the new location for the women’s lodge and the extended residential treatment specifically designed for women struggling with substance-use disorders. 

Listen to Episode 8: Scott Adams, Manager at La Verna Lodge for Men, describes how long-term residential treatment in the community provide additional resources and promotes long-term recovery.

Men’s Long-Term Residential at La Verna Lodge

To live in recovery, many men need a focused approach. The long-term residential treatment program is for men who are confronting substance use disorder and have complex recovery issues that require extended treatment. La Verna Lodge provides a confidential, secluded environment where men can receive the treatment they need from a proven recovery program that will have lasting effects on them and their families.

Listen as Scott Adams from La Verna Lodge for Men talks about the advantages of long-term residential treatment in this episode of Fairbanks: Recovery Talks podcast:

Recovery Talks: A Fairbanks Podcast


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