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Why Fairbanks?

“I wouldn’t be here without Fairbanks. I’m so grateful for what they gave me – my life back.”

Looking for help for alcohol and/or drug addiction can be confusing. Where do you go? Who is the best? What kind of treatment is the best for me or a loved one? Can we afford it? Will they participate if I get them there?

These are questions asked by every individual or family looking for help in recovery. We can help you answer these questions and more. As experts in addictions, focused on recovery, we provide the tools you need to get your life back. There is Hope. Recovery is Possible.

At Fairbanks, we provide individualized care. That means we listen to you, ask questions about your use of alcohol and/or drugs, your medical history and how your use has affected your life. Together, we then create a customized recovery plan that works for you.

If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol or drugs, we can help. Use our website to find out more about our rehab and recovery programs, and when you are ready, give us a call. We’ll be here, ready to answer your questions.


Adolescent Programs
Teens with substance abuse disorders need the guidance and support of highly skilled professionals who specialize in looking at the whole person. Fairbanks does this with treatment and recovery tools.
Adult Programs
A program including all levels of care including detox, education, supportive living, outpatient and residential treatment to support adults from addiction to recovery with the treatment and tools they need.
Cost and Insurance
When people seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, one of their first questions is if they can afford it. Fairbanks offers several of options for paying for treatment services.
Extended Residential Treatment
Fairbanks offers a gender-specific residential treatment program for men and women struggling with addiction who have complex recovery issues.
Young Adult Programs
A program for young men who are 19-24 years old that focuses on recovery and the development of life-skills tailored to this age group.