2018 Susan Li Conference • July 19-20

Cultivating a Community of Recovery

Recovery from addiction continues beyond treatment. Learn best practices from medical professionals, researchers and policy advocates that support a culture of recovery in our communities.

2018 Keynote Speakers

Greg Williams
Filmmaker and co-founder of Facing Addiction
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Austin Eubanks
Injured survivor of the Columbine shooting and addiction treatment industry expert
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This conference honors Susan N. Li, a licensed clinical social worker and mental health therapist with over 35 years of clinical and administrative experience in mental health and substance abuse disorders. Li was recognized for her many contributions to these fields at the 2008 Susan Li Conference luncheon. The Susan Li Conference is made possible by donations to Fairbanks in honor of Li’s continuing contributions to the field of addiction.

If you have questions, contact Sara Hastings at shastings@fairbankscd.org or call 317-572-9350.