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Recovery Support

The first year following alcohol and drug addiction treatment can be difficult. This is the time when you or your loved one establish important life skills to help in your transition back to work, school and your communities. We know that when a person stays connected to recovery support they can significantly increase their success in long-term recovery from addiction.

Following primary treatment, we encourage you or your loved one to continue to receive support from Fairbanks through our recovery management program. While participating in recovery management, you will receive guidance, encouragement, and the support you need. There are many ways to stay connected to Fairbanks and a supportive recovery community.

In the transition from treatment to recovery, recovery coaches are vital in keeping individuals on the path to lifelong recovery. A person will meet with his or her coach in weekly groups that introduce sober stress management, recovery maintenance and ideas to develop a balanced life without drugs or alcohol.

Fairbanks also provides an app in conjunction with treatment to patients and clients that helps facilitate continuing recovery from addiction and substance use. The app is offered free to all Fairbanks patients and clients regardless if they complete treatment or not. Its use is personalized by their interaction with the app and all of its features. Patients can keep the app for support as long as they want, even post-treatment, to assist with ongoing recovery supports. It provides proactive, real-time guidance and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please contact us to learn more about recovery management at Fairbanks.

"I have become more patient, confident, and learned a lot about my recovery."

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