Recovery Talks: A Fairbanks Podcast

Recovery Talks: A Fairbanks Podcast is a monthly series where experts from Fairbanks Treatment and Recovery Center take time to discuss unique aspects of addiction and recovery, as well as other relevant issues with guests.

Hosted by Kathleen Gill, this podcast shares stories of recovery, expert advice and is a place for anyone in the recovery community. By talking about the issues and the hope for the future, listeners looking for information on substance abuse and the life-long journey of recovery can connect and learn.


Episode 13: Celebrating 75 Years of Fairbanks

In this episode, Kathleen is joined by former President and CEO of Fairbanks Helen Cross and former board chairman Rusty McKay to bring to life the journey of Fairbanks over the last 75 years.

Episode 12: Fairbanks La Verna Lodge for Women

Jay Harpring, Manager at Fairbanks La Verna Lodge for Women sits down with Kathleen Gill to discuss the new location for the women’s lodge and the extended residential treatment specifically designed for women struggling with substance-use disorders.

Episode 11: Fairbanks Origins Program

In this episode, your host Kathleen Gill sits down with Fairbanks Master Therapist Kim Davenport as they discuss the many forms of trauma and how Kim started work on the treatment track after seeing how prevalent trauma was in her female patients.

Episode 10: Fairbanks Tackles the Addiction Crisis

In this episode, your host Kathleen Gill sits down with Robin Newhouse, Dean of the IU School of Nursing, discuss Indiana University’s Grand Challenge initiative that aims to address the crisis of addiction throughout Indiana.

Episode 9: Fairbanks Supportive Living Program

Director of Supportive Living Programs John Adams, joins your host Kathleen Gill, to talk about how a structured living environment is vital to sustaining life-long recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Episode 8: Fairbanks Long-Term Residential Treatment

Discussing long-term residential treatment, your host Kathleen Gill, and Manager of Men’s La Verna Lodge Scott Adams, talk about the benefits and value of a local addiction treatment program.

Episode 6: Fairbanks Intensive Outpatient Program

In this episode, Kathleen is joined by David Leap, Outpatient Clinical Supervisor at Fairbanks as they discuss the first licensed Online Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program in Indiana and the program's benefits.

Episode 5: Spirit & Place Performance Depicts True Stories of Addiction and Recovery

In this episode, Kathleen is joined by occupational therapists Sally Wasmuth, Ph.d., OTR, and Victoria Garcia-Wilburn, DHSc, OTR. Over the years they have found strong connections between theatre, addiction and recovery. We discuss theatre productions they have put together for the Spirt & Place festival in Indianapolis and how theatre can be a powerful tool for those living in recovery.

Episode 4: Guiding Paths to Success Peer Group

In this episode, Kathleen is joined by Rachel Beehler and Rachelle Gardner to discuss the Alternative Peer Group: Guiding Paths to Success (GPS) – a peer-based program that promotes positive support for young people and their families struggling with substance use disorder and self-destructive behaviors.

Episode 3: Fairbanks Employer Services

Discussing substance use in the workplace, Kathleen and Jeremy Watson, Director of Business Programs at Fairbanks, talk about the effect of addiction on productivity and employee turnover, the Fairbanks Employer Services program, and what employers can do to help their employees or employees’ loved ones get the help they need.

Episode 2: Fairbanks Adolescent Recovery Services

Rachelle Gardner, COO of Hope Academy, and Mindy Miller, Inpatient Clinical Manager at Fairbanks, join Kathleen to discuss the issue of drug and alcohol abuse among young people, treatment options available through Fairbanks and Hope Academy, and how there is hope for teens and young adults.

Episode 1: Indianapolis Recovery Experts

In this episode, Kathleen is joined by Fairbanks’ President and CEO, Barb Elliott. They talk about the history of Fairbanks, what it provides to the people of Central Indiana, and the importance of local, certified treatment options.