Fairbanks now offering outpatient addiction treatment online

February 5th, 2019

Fairbanks has launched the first licensed online Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Indiana. It’s designed for clients who are unable to regularly attend in-person IOP sessions.

Just like the existing IOP, Fairbanks’ online version uses an evidence-based, comprehensive, holistic treatment program for adult men and women with alcohol and other substance use disorders. It focuses on intensive individual therapy and an extensive learning curriculum to address the root cause of addiction while providing a confidential setting to work around the client’s schedule.

The online IOP also offers individualized treatment and therapy sessions, increased accountability and is covered by most commercial insurance.

“It’s geared toward someone who has a lot of responsibilities and, because of work and/or family commitments and confidentiality concerns, can’t get to physical services,” said Robin Parsons, Fairbanks’ chief clinical officer.

Participants can expect online meetings with a counselor, with sessions and assignments in between. Treatment plans are developed and tracked for each client. Online IOP typically lasts between six and 12 weeks for each individual.

To learn more and schedule an assessment, call 317-849-8222 or visit FairbanksOnlineIOP.com.