Contributing to Recovery, Making a Donation

As a nonprofit organization, Fairbanks relies on financial support from individuals, foundations and corporations. Contributions have an immediate, direct impact, allowing Fairbanks to continue providing the best treatment and recovery services. Your donation offers hope and healing to those struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Financial contributions can be made in the following ways: credit cards, checks, cash, stocks or bequests. To discuss making a contribution or for additional information, please contact: Yvonne Matlock, annual giving officer, at 317-572-9384 or

Please visit our events page to learn more about fundraising events at Fairbanks and Hope Academy.

Support Fairbanks and Hope Academy by creating your own fundraiser through everydayhero!

Fairbanks and Hope Academy are very grateful for the efforts of individuals/groups wanting to do fundraising activities as a third-party/DIY, where Fairbanks and Hope Academy have no direct responsibilities and little or no staff involvement or planning. To assist with these fundraising efforts, Fairbanks and Hope Academy have established an online fundraising tool at everydayhero.

DIY Fundraising FAQs

WHAT IS A DIY (Do It Yourself) EVENT?

“Do It Yourself” of “DIY” fundraising is an opportunity to combine your commitment to substance use recovery with your passion for creating positive change. We are here to support you with our online fundraising tool, but you are allowed to create your own path and bring your fundraising vision to life (subject to all terms and conditions set forth in these FAQs and otherwise required to use the online fundraising tool, the websites of Fairbanks and Hope Academy, and to participate in any manner with any fundraising activity for the benefit of Fairbanks and Hope Academy).  You decide how you will mobilize your friends, family members, and those around you to make an impact for those working hard to live in recovery.


There are four ways to get involved using our online fundraising platform, which can be accessed at

  • Celebrations – support Fairbanks while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, sobriety dates, you name it!
  • Memorials – support Fairbanks by creating designating donations in memory of your loved one
  • Fundraisers – support Fairbanks as you run in the Monumental Marathon, participate in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon, ride in a community cycling event, etc.
  • Hope Academy – support Hope Academy with celebrations, memorials or fundraisers


After accessing our online fundraising platform (available at, click on one of the four boxes (Celebrations, Memorials, Fundraisers, Hope Academy) to get started. Follow the steps to set up your personal fundraising page. Once complete, you simply send out the link to your fundraising page to friends and family via email or your social media networks. Online donations will be accepted through your personal fundraising page and get deposited directly with Fairbanks/Hope Academy.


The fundraising activity will be promoted and conducted in a manner to avoid appearance that Fairbanks and/or Hope Academy endorse any product, firm, organization, individual or service.

Fairbanks and Hope Academy reserve the right to decline association with any third-party when it believes that such association or DIY activity may have a negative effect on the reputation of Fairbanks and/or Hope Academy.

Any use of the name, Fairbanks or Hope Academy, and logos must be approved by Fairbanks/Hope Academy before promotion begins.

Fairbanks/Hope Academy reserves the right to decline any endorsement of an activity if other non-profit organizations are beneficiaries and/or involved in the activity without mutual compliance.


Fairbanks and Hope Academy shall not be responsible, under any circumstance, for the promotion, set-up, pre-event, post-event or operational issues associated with a DIY activity. The organizer assumes all risk for expenses and liabilities, and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Fairbanks and Hope Academy from any and all claims, obligations or liabilities associated with the DIY activity.

Local municipalities and property owners will oftentimes require third-party organizers to provide evidence of insurance particularly when the activity involves a specific number of participants/attendees. Third-party organizers of DIY activities cannot rely on Fairbanks and Hope Academy’s insurance for the activity. We recommend organizers comply with insurance requirements as you assume ALL risk associated with the activity.

DIY organizers are also responsible for obtaining applicable permits and licensing in use of all public facilities and/or properties through the appropriate municipality. Fairbanks and Hope Academy has no responsibility for obtaining applicable licenses and permits.

To the extent that the DIY activity is physical in nature, the third-party organizer shall require all participants to execute event waivers that specifically release Fairbanks and Hope Academy from all claims relating the participation in the DIY activity.

In some instances, organizers may become involved with various vendors in support of the activity. It is recommended that vendors provide evidence of insurance and include the organizer as additionally insured.


Organizers are generally encouraged to engage in DIY events that are not physical in nature.  The following activities are prohibited for DIY events associated with Fairbanks or Hope Academy:

–           Base jumping

–           Bull riding

–           Car racing

–           Extreme skiing

–           Gliding

–           Hang gliding

–           Hot air ballooning

–           Motocross

–           Private aircraft travel

–           Rappelling

–           Rock climbing

–           Scuba diving

–           Skateboarding with stunts involved

–           Ski jumping

–           Skydiving

–           White water rafting/kayaking

–           Use of bouncy houses


It is the responsibility of each DIY organizer to make sure that any gaming activity such as raffles conducted during a DIY activity comply with state and local laws.

Under no circumstances may a DIY organizer use a Fairbanks or Hope Academy license in order to conduct gaming activities.


Fairbanks and Hope Academy are organizations that the Internal Revenue Service has determine are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”). Contributions to Fairbanks or Hope Academy may deductible.  However, please note that there are certain limitations on the deductibility of contributions to Code Section 501(c)(3) organizations, including limitations that were added as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Tax (2017). Accordingly, all donors/participants for a DIY event are urged to consult their own tax advisor in determining the federal, state, local and/or foreign tax consequences of their contributions/participation.

Difficulty could arise when an individual or independent organization wishes to raise money for Fairbanks or Hope Academy. If the contributions are made to the individual or independent organization, the payments will likely not be deductible for tax purposes. If the contributions are made directly to Fairbanks or Hope Academy then such contributions may be tax deductible (see limitations discussed above).

Terms and Conditions for Using everydayhero

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