Five things to practice to start loving yourself

As a sober woman and clinical therapist working in the field of recovery, a question I get asked often is “how do I love myself?”

The truth is that I don’t only work with people who have lost their self-esteem and sense of self to the disease of addiction. I was one of them.

We hear the words “love yourself” thrown around left and right, but what does that actually mean? I am encouraging you to define this for yourself. What does it mean for you to love yourself? What would it feel like for you to love yourself? What would life look like if you were just a bit more self loving? 

Let’s be realistic here,  even people who love themselves struggle sometimes, too, right? This is not a tool to beat yourself up with. I repeat these are not tools to beat yourself up with. Notice how I used the word “practice” in the title of this article? We are not aiming for perfection here. We are on a journey, which inherently has it’s ebbs and flows. Be gentle with yourself and never stop showing up.

Gara Steinfeld, MA, Ed.M/Sober Nation