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Drug abuse costs employers upwards of $81 billion (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) each year in turnover, productivity reductions, absenteeism, workplace theft, sick time utilization and lower work quality. Healthcare benefits are often designed to help with employee issues like this, yet most organizations experience very low utilization of their benefits programs.

Fairbanks Employer Services is uniquely positioned to help employers identify and provide care for employees who may suffer from or are at risk for a behavioral-health issue such as substance use disorder. Backed with more than 70 years of expertise and proven treatments, Fairbanks provides support through a range of programs and services from behavioral health management to traditional recovery support.



  • Review of benefits
  • Dedicated Fairbanks Employer Services coordinator
  • Fairbanks’ Executive Online Intense Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Fairbanks’ full Continuum of Care
  • Substance-use education
  • Recovery management including our recovery app

Resources for Employers from the Indiana Wellness Council


The Impact of Opioids on the Workplace: It’s NOT business as usual

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Fairbanks Employer Services helps companies support employees and their loved ones facing substance-use issues

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