Fairbanks Helps Those Seeking Recovery from Alcohol & Drug Addiction

At Fairbanks, we understand the challenges facing those who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse and the chronic illness of addiction. Fairbanks treatment professionals have 70 years of experience helping people move toward a better life through addiction recovery.

When we focus our efforts and resources on addiction recovery, we are taking steps toward a better future not just for the men, women and adolescents who struggle with addiction, but for the families and communities in which those individuals reside.

Simply put, we help you get your life back. Our team of experts are dedicated to you and your family. Throughout 70 years of providing addiction treatment and recovery services, our mission has not faltered. We are one of the oldest independent treatment centers in America. We live by the values of hope, courage, trust, wisdom and serenity. You can too, with our help.

Seeking help at Fairbanks means you will receive the support, expertise and individualized treatment you need — allowing you to leave Fairbanks with the tools necessary for sustaining a life-long recovery. Are you ready to begin the journey? Give us a call at 800.225.4673, we’re ready to help.