Treatment & Recovery Costs

When people seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, one of their first questions may be “Can I afford it?” After you, your family and the assessment team have made a decision concerning your level of care, you will be given information about how to contact a Fairbanks financial counselor. The final cost of treatment is determined by the level of care required, the length of participation and specific medical treatment required. Fairbanks offers a variety of payment options for treatment services. Have a question, need information or want to make an appointment? Call 800-225-HOPE (4673) any time day or night.

Insurance Coverage

We will assist you with verifying your insurance coverage and benefits. Insurance policies and benefits vary. We suggest you contact your insurance provider and learn about the inpatient or outpatient benefits you may have for your treatment needs. Most insurance companies authorize the number of days of treatment or outpatient sessions only a few at a time. Rarely does a plan approve a long term treatment plan upon admission. In order to assist you when you contact your insurance company, we have compiled an Insurance Worksheet with important questions you will want to ask about your insurance benefits.

Insurance plans currently accepted by Fairbanks are:

Anthem HIP
Commercial Anthem
Encore Network
Medicaid (under 21, over 65, standard package A)
Value Options

It’s best to contact your insurance provider to confirm your network benefits and ask for coverage information by calling the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card.

You may have heard about new health plan laws and rules that may affect your insurance coverage, but are unsure what it all means or how it affects you. Click here to learn how the new Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act apply to seeking substance abuse treatment and recovery services.


Self pay discounts and payment plans are available to individuals who do not have insurance coverage, whose insurance is limited for addiction treatment services or to individuals who want to pay privately. Prior to admission, a partial payment will be requested. Prompt pay discounts are also available.
Review our Self Pay Collection Guidelines
Review our Self Pay Discount

Patient Financial Assistance

Consistent with the mission and values of Fairbanks, we also provide financial assistance for individuals needing care, but are unable to afford treatment services. Individuals who qualify for financial assistance will receive a reduction in charges. The percentage of the reduction is determined by the patient’s income and family size in relationship to the most recently published Federal Poverty Guidelines. Timely submission of documents including proof of income and family size are required in order to qualify. In order to provide this reduction in charges to as many individuals as possible, eligible patients are also asked to participate in a partial payment prior to admission for treatment services.
Review our Charity Care Policy

Finance Options

If you are interested in financing your treatment, please visit or to learn more.