Adult Recovery at Fairbanks

When you seek help at Fairbanks, the first step is talking with an addiction professional in our access center. You will then meet with an addictions therapist who will complete the comprehensive assessment. This process provides our professional staff an opportunity to obtain pertinent information necessary to recommend an appropriate level of care. In addition to the levels of care below, Fairbanks also offers extended residential treatment for adults at La Verna Lodge.

In 2014, Fairbanks began offering The Odyssey Program for young men who are 19-24 years old. This program offers the same levels of care of as our adult program, but has a unique focus on core issues common to this age group. Learn more about our young adult program.


Inpatient Programs
Inpatient care is designed for individuals who need medical intervention or a structured environment to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. This level of care includes detox, rehab, residential treatment and involvement in 12-step recovery groups.
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Outpatient Programs
Outpatient care is designed for individuals who need addiction treatment services while living at home or in one our supportive living apartments. This level of care allows you to incorporate treatment into your life while still attending school, maintaining employment or staying connected to family.
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Supportive Living
Returning home after primary treatment is not always the best option for every person. The Fairbanks Supportive Living Program offers an opportunity for patients to transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment or recovery management programming.
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Fairbanks offers substance abuse education in Indianapolis and surrounding cities for adults with high-risk behaviors associated with drugs and/or alcohol. Program participants learn about their relationship with alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, and increase their understanding about the consequences of their substance abuse.
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Recovery Management
The first year following alcohol and drug addiction treatment can be difficult, but you can be prepared to transition back to work, school and in your community with the appropriate tools and support. Staying connected to recovery support can significantly increase success in long-term recovery from addiction.
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