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Since 1982, the highly-trained professionals at Fairbanks have helped thousands of adolescents and their families get their life back through a comprehensive and current approach to adolescent addiction treatment. Our approach includes addressing the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, family and social factors that each teen faces. Teens with substance use disorders and other mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, need the guidance and support of highly skilled professionals who specialize in looking at the whole person.

Our specialized adolescent programming includes:

Inpatient Programs
Inpatient care is designed for individuals who need medical intervention or a structured environment to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. This level of care includes detox, rehab, residential treatment and involvement in 12-step recovery groups.
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Outpatient Programs
Outpatient care is designed for individuals who need addiction treatment services while living at home or in one our supportive living apartments. This level of care allows you to incorporate treatment into your life while still attending school, maintaining employment or staying connected to family.
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Recovery High School
Hope Academy is a fully accredited, tuition-free, Indiana public charter high school that provides opportunities for academic achievement, sobriety and personal growth for students and their families. Hope Academy students earn Core 40 and Academic Honors Diplomas, and have the opportunity to take dual credit courses.
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Fairbanks offers substance abuse education in Indianapolis and surrounding cities for adults with high-risk behaviors associated with drugs and/or alcohol. Program participants learn about their relationship with alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, and increase their understanding about the consequences of their substance abuse.
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Recovery Management
The first year following alcohol and drug addiction treatment can be difficult, but you can be prepared to transition back to work, school and in your community with the appropriate tools and support. Staying connected to recovery support can significantly increase success in long-term recovery from addiction.
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