Fairbanks Online IOP

Fairbanks Online IOP is the first licensed online intensive outpatient program offered in Indiana. This client-centered program features evidence-based, comprehensive, holistic treatment for adult men and women with alcohol and other substance use disorders backed by almost 75 years of experience.

The Fairbanks Online IOP program focuses on intensive individual therapy combined with an extensive learning curriculum to address the root cause of addiction while providing a completely confidential treatment setting to work around the client’s schedule. Online IOP offers all the accountability of a normal IOP with additional requirements for program involvement, creating a more active and engaged support network and recovery program with twice the one-on-one counseling of a typical IOP.

While in-person IOP is still the preferred treatment, our Online IOP program may be appropriate for those who can’t be onsite, either for work, family or transportation issues. All that’s necessary is a computer or mobile device plus a supportive home environment.