Fairbanks Adds New and Enhanced Online Programming

April 16th, 2020

Fairbanks now will be offering online substance-use education classes in addition to its new virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) and its expanded online IOP to continue to serve patients and those seeking help with addiction. In addition, new virtual assessments are available. The new offerings were created and extended to continue to serve those in need of addiction treatment and recovery while traditional services are unavailable or limited.

Currently, Fairbanks is open and accepting patients for inpatient services that allow for private rooms and social distancing. However, for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak in Indiana, all outpatient programming has moved to online platforms. Virtual IOP, which consists of group therapy three times a week for three hours, recreates the traditional outpatient setting. Online IOP, which is done individually with a client and a Fairbanks therapist, consists of individual session each week plus learning modules that are completed at the client’s own pace. An individual must be admitted to Fairbanks to participate in either online or virtual IOP and placement depends on a number of factors including assessment of need, personal preference, and insurance coverage.

In addition, Prime For Life®, an evidence-based prevention and intervention program, which helps people learn to reduce their risks of alcohol and drug related problems throughout life, will be offered online starting April 18, 2020. Fairbanks’ Marijuana Education classes also will be available online. Both adult and adolescent versions of these classes will be offered.

For information about education classes, please contact Tabitha Hull, thull@fairbankscd.org or 317.266.9469.