Fairbanks Chief Clinical Officer Honored

April 18th, 2018

Fairbanks Chief Clinical Officer Robin Parsons, MS, LMHC, LCAC, CTRS, ADS, was recently honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA).

Parsons has over 30 years of experience in addiction treatment and recovery, which includes expertise in counseling the addicted client, program management and educational trainings. As chief clinical officer for Fairbanks, she is involved in leadership for the organization and serves as administrative and clinical support to the adult treatment team at Fairbanks and La Verna Lodge.

Parsons is also an acupuncture detoxification specialist and received her training at Lincoln Acupuncture Training Institute in New York. She offers acupuncture and several other evidence-based best practices for addiction treatment at Fairbanks.

The ICAADA’s mission is to advance the field of alcohol and other drug abuse and co-occurring disorders prevention and treatment through professional testing, credentialing, training programs, advocacy and membership services. The organization has been committed to establishing quality and competency-based certification programs for professionals in the prevention and treatment of addiction for over 40 years.