Give Value, Be Valued

Balance is key to life, and nowhere more than in your job. Balancing work life and home life; energy spent with energy recovered; what you give with what you gain. Fairbanks believes in helping our employees find that balance.

Our staff provides a vital service to the community, taking care of people when they need it the most. We believe in making sure our staffers are provided for as well. Extra PTO days ensure they have time to recharge; continued learning helps them grow; 403(b) matching provides for the future.

But a company is more than its benefits sheet. The Fairbanks community is a team, finding creative ways to support and encourage one another. We believe in finding the small moments in the day to recognize great work and lift one another up. When a staff member needs to duck out to pick up a sick child or just take a breather on a rough day, our community is there to help.

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The Fairbanks spirit doesn’t stop at our front door. We believe in being a force for good in the greater Indianapolis community, supporting those around us who need it the most. Our Together We Can program gives our staff a chance to tackle our city’s biggest problems … together!

“Anytime I was ready for a challenge and an opportunity, one seemed to appear.
I’ve always been supported on whatever my career goals might be. Whether it was going to be leadership or clinical-based … I was supported in that pathway before that path ever presented itself.”
-Mindy Miller, Inpatient Clinical Manager
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A Balanced LifeA Balanced LifeA Balanced LifeRecitals, appointments, family: Flexible hours and team support ensure your work life isn’t your whole life.
Today and TomorrowFairbanks Online IOPToday and TomorrowGenerous PTO, a 403(b), and health and life insurance make sure your bases are covered.
Continued LearningContinued LearningFairbanks believes in growing our staff, from helping pay school bills to providing certification observation.

One Team

When you take care of others for a living, it can be tough to find time to take care of yourself as well. So Fairbanks makes it a priority to drive a culture of support for every one of our employees.

From treatment to administration to support staff, Fairbanks is one team.

Forget silos and the “that’s not my job” attitude. The Fairbanks team believes that we’re all in this together. When a teammate needs an extra hand, we’re there. When a fellow staffer needs a break, we’re happy to step in.

And we don’t just help on the bad days; we want to create the good days. We prioritize recognition for fellow teammates, in big ways and small. Fairbanks believes that your work is valuable, and that you should know it.

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