Give value. Be valued.

Life is about chances. What we do with them shapes who we become. Fairbanks patients are often here on their second, third, or maybe even last chance to get their lives back. While under our care, they’ll have hundreds of interactions with our staff. Each day brings changes to impact people’s lives for the better. A chance to add value to someone’s life. To help them rebuild their sense of self-worth.

The value you add is only one side of the equation, though. Fairbanks cares for our team members just like our team cares for everyone who walks though our doors. And here, value comes in more ways than just kind words from a colleague.

This is hard work. So when you need a pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold, trust that you’ll find them here. But there’s more than just a culture of encouragement. There are many ways we help today–from celebrating birthday and achievements to finding a real work-life balance.

And Fairbanks will keep helping you tomorrow, as well. Retirement fund matching, affordable healthcare costs, HSA investment and a generous vacation policy allow you to increase the time (and decrease the costs) of caring for your family.

We want to help you improve your work, too, and offer career development opportunities including tuition reimbursement. Because a stronger you equals a stronger Fairbanks.

At Fairbanks, we want to make sure you get as much as you give.

A career at Fairbanks offers you:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Opportunities for ongoing education
  • Great benefits including 403(b), PTO and health & life insurance
  • Team atmosphere where your ideas and skills are valued
  • Tuition reimbursement

Fairbanks. Give value. Be valued.

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