Top Substances Treated in America

An estimated 22 million Americans need treatment for a problem related to drugs or alcohol, but only about 2.3 million people receive treatment at a specialty facility.

Top Substances Treated in America (data from 2011)

  • 2.4 million received treatment for alcohol use
  • 872,000 received treatment for marijuana use
  • 726,000 received treatment for pain relievers
  • 511,000 received treatment for cocaine
  • 430,000 received treatment for heroin
  • 318,000 received treatment for tranquilizers
  • 309,000 received treatment for stimulants
  • 293,000 received treatment for hallucinogens


Substance Abuse Indicators

  • Moodiness, irritability or nervousness
  • Drop in grades at school or performance at work
  • Marital conflict
  • Encounters with the criminal justice system
  • Dishonesty
  • Financial problems
  • Family violence or abuse
  • Hospitalization

The Disease of Addiction

  • Substance use disorders are progressive, chronic and potentially fatal when unrecognized and untreated.
  • Addiction is not a choice or a matter of willpower. It is a maintenance disease that must be treated on a continual basis.
  • The longer the connection to treatment and recovery support the better the chances of long?term recovery.

How to get help
If drugs or alcohol are affecting your or a loved one’s life, seek help from a professional. Fairbanks offers free assessments seven days a week. Call to make an appointment at 800.225.4673 or fill out an inquiry form.

The Fairbanks Access Center is open:
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