Tips for Traveling While in Recovery

MichaelPettigroveDuring the holiday season, you may be attending numerous parties and gatherings that require a lot of traveling. Knowing what resources you have in different cities can be helpful when in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Here are a few tips from our new Fairbanks Alumni and Volunteer Coordinator, Michael Pettygrove!

  1. If you’re traveling by plane and feel that you need help or want to know what support is in your destination city, page “Bill W.” or “friends of Bill W.” at the airport. Individuals in recovery will come find you and assist you as needed.
  2. Always drive yourself to a gathering or party, so that you may leave whenever you are ready and don’t have to wait on others.
  3. Travel with a friend! It’s nice to bring a sober friend or someone from your recovery network for support and accountability.
  4. Be prepared by taking your own drinks with you. It helps to avoid questions such as, if you’re drinking or what you want to drink.
  5. Check your motives and make sure you’re traveling or attending an event for the right reasons such as fellowships, family, fostering relationships and sober fun.

Michael has worked at Fairbanks for two years as a guidance specialist with young adults in The Odyssey Program. He will work along with Kathleen Gill, who also serves as an alumni and volunteer coordinator.

“As an alumnus of Fairbanks, I’ve witnessed the importance of staying connected,” said Michael Pettygrove. “I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with the alumni and volunteers.”

To learn more about the alumni and volunteer programs and sober fun, visit our resource section!