The secret of successful addiction recovery

Q: What does the word “recovery” signify anyway?
A: It depends on who you are.

There are divided opinions among experts about how to explain the concept of addiction recovery. For some, recovery is simply abstinence or remaining sober, while for others it’s a lot more complex and multidimensional. There are even doubts over whether someone is “in recovery” if they’re on maintenance medication, such as methadone or buprenorphine.

Some addiction specialists don’t categorize individuals as “recovering” addicts if they use in moderation without harmful consequences after a sustained period of sobriety. Others see reduced harm as a type of “recovery” in an of itself.

We’re here propose a new idea: Addiction recovery means something different to everyone who’s participating in it. We are each individuals. Substances affect us different. Why should recovery be the same? In sum, there is a spectrum of adherence to standard ideology….from total abstinence to reduced drug intake. Just as we are all evolving, so is “addiction recovery.”

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