Substance Abuse Education at Fairbanks

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. As the experts in addiction, we specialize in treatment and recovery, but we also understand the importance of prevention and education. Fairbanks offers substance abuse education classes at our Indianapolis, Kokomo and Hendricks County offices. The program offers classes that educate individuals about high-risk behaviors associated with drugs and alcohol.

“We protect the things we value with the choices we make,” said Misty Resendez, Fairbanks Clinical Manager of Satellite Offices. “We teach them how to maintain healthy lifestyles by educating and identifying their drinking tolerance and patterns.”

This message is interchangeable between the different classes that are offered including PRIME for Life classes and marijuana education classes.

Most participants are referred by attorneys, schools, employers and courts, but people can also sign up on their own.

“We are teaching life-skills that can be used regardless of a person’s drug or alcohol use,” said Resendez.

The classes educate participants on the different levels of usage and dependence. It also teaches participants the financial impact an offense or addiction can have on an individual.

“We want to prevent them from developing an addiction,” Resendez said.” So we provide them with the tools on how to do so.”

If you are interested in substance abuse education classes, they are offered monthly. For additional information about the program and the class schedules, please visit