Spirit & Place Festival Event Spotlight: Diana J. Ensign,JD, Author

For Indiana writer and author Diana J. Ensign, family alcohol and drug addictions have impacted her since childhood. But it wasn’t until her father and his friend died in a drunk driving accident that she finally sought help. Diana was an adult, living in Indianapolis with her two young children, when she got the telephone call informing her that her father had died. “That call changed everything,” she says.

Her healing journey began as she attempted to navigate through intense sorrow and heartache. A family member directed her to Al-anon and, for the first time in her life, Diana started asking questions about the disease of addiction. She undertook a writing project where she interviewed individuals who had found a path to healing, and she went on her own spiritual quest to better understand the causes of suffering and effective methods for moving though despair. At that time, she wasn’t seeking happiness. She was seeking answers.

While embarking on this spiritual journey, her life took many unexpected turns. She explored Buddhism, Native American ceremonies, and Goddess rituals. She practiced yoga, t’ ai chi, dance, drumming, Qigong, and meditation. She went on a Vision Quest, participated in Shaman healing workshops, and studied religious readings across a diverse spectrum of beliefs and practices.

Now, almost two decades later, Diana has written her first book, “Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey.” She also writes a blog, Spirituality for Daily Living, found on her website: www.dianaensign.com.

“I am honored to participate in the Spirit & Place program, From Addiction and Loss to Wholeness, at Fairbanks,” she says. “Giving back to help others, learning to surrender, and daily gratitude are keys to a happier life.”

“Recovery offers hope not only those facing the disease of addiction, but to their families and communities as well.” She adds, “The work we do each day—both individually and collectively—really does make a positive difference.”

Watch the video explaining Diana’s inspiration for her book, “Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey.”

Register for this free event at www.fairbankscd.org/spirit-and-place
Spirit & Place Festival Event: From Addiction and Loss to Wholeness
Panel Speakers: Kim Manlove, Diana J. Ensign, JD, Maggie A. Lewis, and Patrick Sadlowski. Moderator: Dan Carpenter, former Indianapolis Star columnist.
Nov. 8, Saturday, 1:00 – 3:30 pm.

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