Spirit & Place explores the Journey of Recovery

The Spirit & Place Festival is coming to town November 7-16, and Fairbanks is excited to be a part of the celebration! Spirit & Place opens minds, touches hearts, builds bridges and helps citizens move forward in new ways individually and collectively. It’s all in the name: Spirit & Place. Through growth of the human spirit, Central Indiana becomes a better place.

This year’s event theme is “journey.”The journey between “here” and “there” is filled with movement and meaning. How is this movement shaping—and being shaped by— identity, spirituality, public policy, and civic life? From the instruments of mobility in all its forms (education, money, waterways, trails, bus lines, bike lanes, policies, etc.), to the reasons (quality of life, self-expression, community development, health, persecution, pilgrimage, etc.), JOURNEY will explore the dynamic passages of peoples, places, and ideas.

The event at the Fairbanks Recovery Center will take place on Saturday, November 8 from 1:30-3 pm. With our partners at The 24 Group and The Indiana Addiction and Issues Coalition, we will explore the journey “From Addictions and Loss to Wholeness.” Our panelists, Diana Ensign, Maggie Lewis, Kim Manlove and Patrick Sadlowski will share their experience, strength and hope and open the conversation to attendees. We hope you will join us for this free Spirit & Place event! To register, visit www.fairbankscd.org/spirit-and-place. To learn more about Spirit and Place, visit www.spiritandplace.org. Be sure to visit our blog regularly to see blog entries from our Spirit & Place panelists throughout the month of October.