Resolve to be Tobacco-Free in 2013

Each year, Americans make the resolution to quit using tobacco products, but without the proper tools and support many of these resolutions fail. The Indiana University Nicotine Dependence Program at Fairbanks provides the necessary resources to help people achieve their tobacco-free goals.

Modeled after the highly-recognized Mayo Clinic tobacco cessation program, The Indiana University Nicotine Dependence Program at Fairbanks was developed to assist people who want to stop smoking and maintain a tobacco-free lifestyle. Participants receive an individualized plan tailored to their specific needs. Individuals may enroll on their own or through a referral from their health care provider.

Multi-component treatment options may include:

• An individual assessment and step-by-plan
• Medication
• Development of coping skills
• Behavior modification
• Relapse prevention
• Use of a carbon monoxide breath analyzer

If you are struggling with tobacco products and would like to quit, please call us today. You may reach a tobacco cessation counselor at 317-579-9369.