Recovery Tips for the Holidays from Fairbanks

The holidays can be a stressful time, but for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the holidays can present obstacles in maintaining sobriety. No matter what stage of recovery you or loved on is in, it is always important to have a plan to deal with any potential triggers. Guidance and support may be exactly what you and your family need this holiday season. Below are a few suggestions from the experts at Fairbanks on how to have a safe and sober holiday season.

  • Create new family holiday traditions that do not include alcohol. This will allow you and your family to make new, sober memories.

  • Spend time with those who support you and your recovery.

  • What is in your glass, only matters to you. Others won’t notice if you are not drinking alcohol.

  • Give freely of your time. The holidays are a great time of the year to do volunteer work and be of service to someone else.

  • Support meetings are offered around the clock. Don’t hesitate to go to one.

  • Have an exit plan when attending holiday parties. Make sure you and your family know how to get out of a risky situation.

  • Go to parties a little early before most of the drinking starts and make your exit when you feel the time is appropriate.

  • Feel free to bring your favorite nonalcoholic beverage to parties with you, so you will be assured of having a nonalcoholic choice.

  • Be honest. Tell the truth to those you love so they can better support you.

If you feel that you might need additional support for your recovery during the holidays, or know someone who might need support, call an addiction professional at Fairbanks. You can talk to a counselor confidentially to determine how alcohol or drugs may be affecting your life or the life of a loved one. Call Fairbanks at 317.849.8222 or visit