Randolph named Fairbanks’ Volunteer of the Year

Jeff Randolph loves people. He loves to smile and serve others. He loves to lend a helping hand and inspire others to live their best lives. He has done all of these things every week for more than three years as a volunteer at Fairbanks. To recognize Jeff for his efforts, he was named Volunteer of Year on April 12 at the Fairbanks Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

“Jeff really is a part of the Fairbanks family,” said Kathleen Gill, Alumni and Volunteer Coordinator at Fairbanks. “He has shared his joys and his sorrows in his recovery with us and we are forever grateful for all he does for Fairbanks.”

Trying to get sober wasn’t easy for Jeff, who said, “Drinking was my crutch for everything. I lacked confidence and used alcohol for courage in social activities, business events and family functions. I could not even mow the yard without a drink. I drank 24/7. I tried many times to stop – control my drinking, quit cold turkey and go to various treatment facilities. Finally, with the help and love of concerned friends and family, Fairbanks was my last stop.”

Jeff lived with his addiction for more than 20 years before coming to Fairbanks for treatment and recovery in September 2012. He was ready and willing to embrace the treatment and support he deserved.

“Fairbanks was able to take all the pieces of my failed attempts and put them into some order that made sense to me,” he said. “They taught me about my disease rather than preach to me about how to stop drinking. I felt safe.”

In January 2013, as soon as he was eligible, Jeff began volunteering in the Fairbanks Recovery Center Fresh Start Cafe. Since then, he’s committed at least 17 hours each month to serving up java, sodas and snacks to Fairbanks employees, guests and those in recovery. He also volunteers as a speaker for men’s recovery groups, helps out at Fairbanks conferences and fundraising events and sponsors a man in recovery.

Jeff recently decided to commit his passion beyond volunteering and is pursuing certification as a professional recovery coach. He says giving back helps him as much as it helps others.

“My recovery has given me the strength I never thought I had,” he said. “When I walk into the doors of Fairbanks I feel at home and safe and that keeps me sober and wanting to help even more.”

Other volunteers recognized at Fairbanks’ 2016 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner were:

Courage – Annette French

Hope – Kimberly Miller

Wisdom – Ron Wheeler

Serenity – Janie Kovatch

Trust – Gary S.

To learn more about how you can give the gift of hope to individuals and families in recovery as a Fairbanks volunteer, visit www.fairbankscd.org/resources/for-volunteers or contact Michael Pettygrove at mpettygrove@fairbankscd.org or 317-572-9305.