PRIME for Life offered at Fairbanks

In 2010 Fairbanks began offering PRIME for Life, an evidence-based program for individuals with high-risk behaviors associated with drugs and/or alcohol.

PRIME For Life is used in many states across the country in impaired driving programs and education classes. Program studies have shown that PRIME for Life education classes contribute to attendees increasing abstinence, decreasing high-risk use of alcohol or drugs and decreasing recidivism among DUI and other offenders.

“In PRIME for Life we take a proactive approach and focus on prevention and education. Individuals are provided with the resources they need to make informed decisions related to their drug and alcohol use,” said PRIME for Life Counselor Misty Resendez. “This program is a great addition to the continuum of services offered at Fairbanks.”

PRIME for Life classes are offered on weekends each month at the Fairbanks Recovery Center, 8102A Clearvista Parkway. For more information about PRIME for Life, please the Fairbanks access center at 317.572.9396. The 2001 class schedule is available here.