Talk honestly and concretely about alcohol-related concerns. (GETTY IMAGES)

The do’s and don’ts of alcohol intervention for seniors

If you’re worried about an elderly parent or grandparent’s substance use, you’re not alone. Americans over the age of 65 should limit their weekly alcohol consumption to no more than seven drinks, according to guidelines from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Yet some estimates suggest that as many as 15 percent of older adults in this country […]

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Hugh Lampkin speaks with users inside a supervised injection room in Vancouver, British Columbia. Run by Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU), it's a place where peers help each use drugs safely. Rafal Gerszak for NPR

At peer-run injection sites, drug users help each other stay safe

People who use injection drugs in Vancouver, British Columbia, can do so, if they choose, under the watchful eyes of someone trained to help them if they overdose. This is the idea behind supervised injection sites, and it’s an approach that over a dozen U.S. cities or states are considering to prevent drug overdose deaths and the […]

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Margaret Bordeaux

How one rural community is fighting to save lives from drug overdose

The Driftwood Motel on Oak Island, North Carolina, has seen better days. All around it, pastel-colored vacation homes with kitschy names like After Dune Delight reel in tourists with promises of beachfront sunsets and shaded hammocks by the pier. Though the Driftwood Motel is also painted in cheerful pastels, the paint is flaking off in […]

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Learn how to love yourself.

Five things to practice to start loving yourself

As a sober woman and clinical therapist working in the field of recovery, a question I get asked often is “how do I love myself?” The truth is that I don’t only work with people who have lost their self-esteem and sense of self to the disease of addiction. I was one of them. We hear […]

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