Marijuana Education

Fairbanks will soon be offering a marijuana education program. This program is designed for the first time offender with legal issues such as possession of marijuana and/or possession of paraphernalia, operating a vehicle while impaired, or a failed urine drug screen for work, school or probation. The 8, 12 or 20-hour program will educate participants about marijuana and the impact of marijuana on personal health, workplace safety, academic performance, driving under the influence and social behavior.

Research based information is presented to provide insight regarding their relationship with marijuana and increase knowledge about the consequences of marijuana use. The program will engage participants in programming that will facilitate readiness to change, encourage awareness of continued negative consequences, and increase motivation to change by means of self-identification. Lessons explore common thinking errors and prepare the participant to recognize and implement self-talk. Participants are provided with knowledge about coping skills and building support. This course incorporates lecture, discussion, journaling, teamwork, and a written support plan.

The Marijuana Education program will be offered at the following locations:

Indianapolis -3rd weekend of every month beginning August 2012
Kokomo– 2nd weekend of the month in August, October, December 2012
Plainfield – 4th weekend of the month in August, October, December 2012

8 hours – Saturday Only ( 9-5pm) $100
12 hours – Friday (5-9pm) and Saturday (9-5pm) $125
20 hours – Friday (5-9pm, Saturday (9-5pm) and Sunday (9-5pm) $150

Call 317.849.8222 to learn more.