Luc’s Story: Finding the Right Path

Launching into adulthood can be scary for a young person, especially if they don’t feel equipped with sufficient life tools. Typically young people between the ages of 19 and 23 are not prepared for what life has presented to them. Whether their next path is college or the workforce, often they aren’t ready.

Luc, 24, was attracted to the power and fast money of the street lifestyle. He started dealing drugs in his late teen years, but after serving time in jail, he soon began using prescription pills.

“Every time I got in trouble, I disappointed my family and I couldn’t face that pain,” Luc said.

Luc had a choice to make, face his addiction through treatment or face a longer sentence in jail.

“My mom told me that I was going to lose my family and if I continued she wasn’t going to be there for me,” Luc said. “I knew I had to change.” 

Luc came to Fairbanks and entered into outpatient programming. He had a hard time opening up to people at first, but one counselors was able to reach him.

“During IOP (intensive outpatient programming), I saw the most growth in myself because Terrance really challenged me to think outside the box and open up,” Luc said. “He’s one of the biggest influences on my recovery because he helped me learn so much about myself.”

With a year of sobriety, Luc is now making the most of his new life in sobriety. Today, he is able to confront his obstacles, knowing it will lead him to a better place.

“Starting over and humbling myself were the hardest things I had to do. I didn’t want to ask anyone for help,” Luc said. “I learned the power of mediation and prayer. I left everything to my higher power by having faith and trust. So much has opened up for me and I know that as long as I keep on the right path, God will continue to send me opportunities.”

Do you know a male between the ages of 19 and 23 who is struggling with substance abuse? Fairbanks now offers The Odyssey, a program for young men that specializes in teaching life-skills, coping skills and emotional regulation skills. For additional information, call 855.518.2501.