La Verna Lodge for Men

Walking in for the first time, you can feel the warmth, smell the food coming from the kitchen and sense the comradery between the residents. La Verna Lodge for Men is home to their residents and anyone who visits can feel that.

La Verna Lodge for Men offers a special environment to begin one’s journey toward long-term recovery.

“The serene setting really helps the men focus on themselves,” said Patti Peyton, La Verna Lodge for Men Supervisor. “The guys really love being out here. They treat it like home.”

The staff also helps the recovery process by being able to relate to the residents past.

“Some of the counselors are in recovery themselves. So we are really able to relate because we aren’t talking from anything but our hearts,” Peyton said.

There have been new additions to the program that has improved the recovery process for the residents.

“We recently updated the family program and that has been great for family members to come out here and not only learn about addiction, but mend relationships,” Peyton said.

The residents also learn life-skills and how to enjoy recovery as well.

“We teach them how to be responsible through life-skills such as doing laundry,” Peyton said, “but we also take them to places like the mall and movies to show them that they can have fun sober.”

This program has continued to evolve over the years and was the inspiration behind La Verna Lodge for Women.

“There was really a need for a women’s program,” Peyton said. “Our success here showed people how important this program is and that we are changing lives.”

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