Jacob’s Story

By the time Jacob was 32-years-old he had climbed his way up the corporate ladder, owned a company and retired from his business. He never imagined that at 39 he’d be starting his career from scratch—or that he would be clean and sober.

A self-proclaimed “free spirit,” Jacob grew up with humble roots. His father owned a successful construction company, but Jacob always had to prove himself. He liked the challenge and in no time he made his way to the top.

He was a husband, father and business owner trying to do it all. One night while working a side job he was introduced to meth. He discovered that meth gave him energy to do everything he needed to accomplish.

“I was in control and had a system so no one knew I was using,” Jacob says.

At the height of his career, Jacob made the decision to sell his share of the company and retire, allowing him to spend more time with his young son and wife. But the lack of structure only led him to spending more time with meth. Six years later he had no money, was divorced and was being evicted from his home.

Hopeless, his family arranged an intervention, and on May 30, 2012, Jacob agreed to go to La Verna Lodge. He walked through the doors willingly, but thought, “I’m not like these guys. I don’t have a problem.”

The longer he was there, the more he learned. “The Lodge taught me to be honest, open and willing,” says Jacob. “For the first time in my life, I wasn’t worried about saying something incriminating.”

Jacob spent 95 days in the serene residential setting. He took the tools they gave him and put them to use. Today he stays connected by visiting the Lodge regularly, attending meetings and volunteering at Fairbanks in the access center. Most importantly, Jacob smiles wide when he talks about the relationship he now has with his son.

“When I was using I was present, but I was never really there. Now I’m engaged in my son’s life and we have a real relationship. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”