It’s National Volunteer Week

It’s National Volunteer Week and Fairbanks is fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers. Last year 220 volunteers dedicated nearly 22,000 hours of service work at Fairbanks. Thank you to our volunteers who make a difference in the lives of those we serve, each and every day!

Did you know?

  • Everyone working in the Gift Shop and the Coffee Shop are volunteers.

  • Volunteers come in week nights from 6 -7pm and lead groups with the adult patients

  • Volunteers work in the access center

  • The SLP drivers are on call for over 13 hours a day

  • Volunteers work in the gym and encourage physical activity as part of recovery

  • Our entire Fairbanks Board of Directors, Circle of Hope Committee, Hope Academy Board of Directors and all other committees within Fairbanks serve as volunteers.

So when you see any of these volunteers, please give them a big THANK YOU and let them know that we appreciate what they do for Fairbanks.