Is Hope Academy the answer for your teen and family?

Teenage behavior can be hard to read. One day they want to spend all their time with you and next they’re locking themselves in their rooms. But how can you tell the difference between normal teenage behavior and possible drug abuse?

Many parents think that their teens are just acting out, but what they may not realize is they could be showing common signs of drugs and alcohol abuse.

“The magnitude and frequency is key with identifying concerning behavior,” Hope Academy Principal Gale Stone said. “The biggest signs are isolation, not wanting to be around family, change in peer groups and dropping extracurricular activities. But parents need to be in tune to what is the norm for their kid.”

Hope Academy is a fully accredited, tuition-free, Indiana public charter high school that provides opportunities for academic achievement, sobriety and personal growth for students and their families. Hope Academy offers individualized instruction that has proven to be very beneficial for the students.

“Small classes and getting that one-on-one attention is key because it shows them another caring adult in their life who wants them to succeed,” Principal Stone said.

The program has allowed many families to see their teen succeed in ways that were once hard to imagine.

“We have high standards for education,” Principal Stone said. “Some parents have said Hope gave their child the opportunity to go to college, an opportunity that may not have been an option if they stayed at their other school.”

Along with an academic focus, Hope Academy also specializes in recovery support.
“We are planting seeds and giving them tools, such as coping skills, that they’ll be able to use now and later,” Principal Stone said.

Could Hope be the answer for your teen and family? Give your teen their best chance for academic success and sobriety. If you have questions about enrollment or would like to take a tour, please contact Laurie Busch at 317-572-9440 or