I Got My Life Back…Ask Me How!

When MaryHelen realized she couldn’t stop drinking on her own, she talked to her family physician. Her doctor referred her to Fairbanks and although she was reluctant at first, she knew she had to do something.

“Going to Fairbanks was the best decision I ever made,” MaryHelen said.

Fairbanks was able to get her started with the process and educate her as well.

“I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stop, but they assured me I’d find out soon,” MaryHelen said. “I later learned that addiction is a disease and I couldn’t do it alone.”

MaryHelen has been sober for over three years and understands how important staying connected is to recovery.

“Now I sponsor, volunteer and go to meetings because I know that recovery management is a crucial part to ensure I stay on this path,” she said.

MaryHelen was able to get her life back not only for herself but her loved ones.

“Recovery has made me a better friend, mother and grandmother. I got my life back and it all started here.”