How To Talk To Someone Who Needs Help

Do you know someone who may be struggling with addiction? It can be difficult to approach that person. Here are some tips on how to talk to someone who needs help.

• Approach the individual from a place of love, rather than a confrontational manner.
• Use statements like:

“I am worried about you because of what happened last night.”

“I am worried because when you drink/use you turn into a different person and I know that’s not you.”

• Then follow up with:

“Would you consider getting some help?”

“Would you consider having an evaluation?”

• If the individual becomes defensive, do not push the conversation. Reach out to a treatment center or interventionist for support.

Substance Use Disorder Resources

• Fairbanks offers drug and alcohol assessments seven days a week. Visit or call 317.849.8222.

• Contact a professional interventionists. Visit for a list.

• Locate a reputable treatment provider near you at

Don’t wait to get help. Recovery is possible!