Hope students share experience of meeting governor

Hope academy students got to share the stage with Gov. Mike Pence when he visited the charter recovery high school on March 21 to sign bills aimed at curbing illegal drug use and making more treatment options available. Afterwards the governor met with students and toured the school.

Three Hope Academy students share their experience below:

Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, came to visit Hope Academy to sign four bills on March 21. He also signed the Able Act that day. One bill he signed at Hope Academy included the right for pharmacists to deny the sale of pseudoephedrine to customers who they believe will be using it to making meth or other illegal drugs. With this bill, Mike hopes to lower the rate of meth use. He also signed a bill to ensure that people struggling with addiction are allowed to get the help they need.

Meeting the governor personally was an exciting experience to me. He shook all of the seniors’ hands and asked their names. After he signed the bills, he also stopped to talk to all of us, wondering about our plans for after high school. He took the time to listen to each one of our plans and gave each one of us his personal advice. He supported us all and told us if we needed anything he would be there to help. Not only did he support our plans, but thanked us, and told us all we are brave students to want admit our drug problems and looking to change our lives.


Gov. Mike Pence coming to Hope Academy was a big step in the right direction for combating this horrible disease of addiction. It was an especially big deal for heroin addicts. The bill he signed for Naloxone, otherwise known as NarCan, really hit home for me. That is an issue I hold near and dear to my heart, as I have had a lot of friends die from heroin overdose where these kits could’ve saved their lives if they were just available. Thank you Mike Pence for coming here and stepping up to the disease of addiction, rather than ignoring it.


When I heard Gov. Pence was coming to visit on Monday, I was super excited. I prepared a few questions to ask him and hoped I would get the chance to meet him personally. When the day came, not only did I get to meet and talk with him, but he asked me to take a selfie with him! Gov. Pence was really friendly and you could tell he enjoyed meting us Hope students. Getting to stand behind him and represent Hope Academy and recovery was a huge honor. The seniors here at Hope Academy got the opportunity to stand behind him as he signed four recovery-related bills into law. I fully agree with and appreciate the bills and love the recognition Gov. Pence is giving recovery. It’s a huge step forward for the war on drugs in Indiana and will definitely help save lives. Gov. Pence is a great man for doing this. Having always admired him and his policies, and getting the chance to be a part of this huge step forward, has been a highlight for my year at Hope Academy. I thank Hope and Gov. Pence for the amazing morning and look forward to the rest of my year here at Hope Academy.