Because of Fairbanks, Hanna Gives Back

What is your connection to Fairbanks?
Fairbanks helped my dad find recovery. They kept my dad alive and because of that, I got five more good years with the “real him,” rather than the addicted him. This precious time allowed us to rebuild our relationship and find a very peaceful place together before he passed away.

What does donating mean to you?

There are many ways to donate and the word donation goes beyond a financial contribution. I feel it is really important to also give in nontraditional ways through time and talent. The donation of time touches the lives of so many – patients, families, staff and our entire community.

What inspired you to get involved at Fairbanks and continue giving back?
It didn’t matter the time of day or the situation, Fairbanks was always there. Giving back is my way of being there for Fairbanks like they were there for my dad and our family. I will always appreciate Fairbanks for keeping my father alive. It’s a forever thank you; there’s no end to that thank you.

How do you give back to Fairbanks?
I give financially when I can because I know my gift makes a difference. I also love volunteering because when I walk through the doors at Fairbanks it is a reminder of what they did for me. I have volunteered on the Fairbanks Circle of Hope Dinner committee for several years.

How does your donation make a difference at Fairbanks?

I look with pride at the updated and additional facilities knowing that, in a small way, the donation I made contributed to Fairbanks’ ability to help more people. I can make a difference for others and my hope is by giving back I can help someone else so their family gets five, ten or 20 more quality years with their loved one.

What’s the most valuable lesson Fairbanks has taught you?
Fairbanks has shown me that everyone is vulnerable in some way, and that it’s really OK to seek support. I have learned that sharing these stories with others is a powerful way to connect people so they can get the help they need. They gave me the knowledge and confidence to share my story with others. By sharing our stories, we help others know recovery is possible.

Why would you tell others to give a gift to Fairbanks?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all know someone who needs the type of help that only places like Fairbanks can provide. We may not know it yet, or want to admit it, but we all will benefit (probably many times in our lifetimes) from the gifts we might make to Fairbanks. The people at Fairbanks save lives, like my dad’s. They save families and they save communities.