Fairbanks welcomes new business development representatives

Fairbanks has two new business development representatives on its staff.

Wendy Dudek covers the western half of Indiana for Fairbanks and Mary Giesel is responsible for the southeast portion of the state. As business development representatives, they cultivate relationships with referral sources and provide education about the programs and services of Fairbanks, La Verna Lodge and Hope Academy.Dudek, Wendy

Dudek has worked in the health care industry since 2002. She graduated with cum laude honors from Indiana Tech, earning a Bachelor of Science in recreation therapy while also performing on the pom pom dance squad.

Dudek is married to her high school sweetheart and they love to travel, bike, golf, hike, kayak and spending time with family and friends. She has three furry family members: two St. Bernards named Meko and Rowan and a Newfoundland named Dorado.

“I enjoy promoting Fairbanks services and developing relationships with key referral sources, as well as seeking new referrals,” Dudek said. “I find it’s easy to market a service knowing that it’s making a positive difference in one’s path to recovery.”

Giesel, Mary 2Giesel is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing and Health. She worked in adult cardiology in the hospital setting before serving as a clinical specialist in the medical device industry.

“As a business development representative, I hope to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of the disease of addiction and shine a light on the vital role Fairbanks plays in helping those who struggle with this disease to get better,” Giesel said. “I cannot think of an organization with a more worthy mission than Fairbanks. The need for their services has never been greater.”

Giesel can be reached at 317-407-7947 or mgiesel@fairbankscd.org. Contact Dudek at 317-966-8175 or wdudek@fairbankscd.org.