Fairbanks Opens Young Men’s Program, The Odyssey

The Odyssey, a specialized drug and alcohol treatment program at Fairbanks for young men is now open. Located within its own private setting on the campus of Fairbanks in Indianapolis, the Odyssey was created to address the unique needs of young men who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

This Odyssey program serves men ages 19-23 at all levels of care including detox, rehabilitation, residential, outpatient and recovery management. The experts at Fairbanks recognized the need for specialized programming due to the high risk nature of this age group.

“Brain development is delayed in young adults who begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol at a young age which causes an inability for them to make sound decisions and properly care for themselves,” said Rachelle Gardner, director of adolescent services. “When these young adults enter college or the workforce the pressures that come with that change can exacerbate drug use.”

The Odyssey program teaches basic life-skills, emotional regulation skills, coping skills and provides participants with recovery management tools. Daily activities include: goal setting, group therapy, recreational therapy, spirituality workshops, relationship workshops and 12 Step meetings. Odyssey participants also take part in “daily living activities” such as contacting their sponsor, making personal appointments, calling a family member, doing laundry and cooking.

“Our goal is to help these young people learn more about themselves and develop more mature coping skills,” added Gardner.

If you or someone you know would like information about the Odyssey program please visit www.fairbankscd.org or call 855.518.2501 to speak with an Odyssey program specialist today.