Fairbanks is tobacco-free!

As a leader in addiction treatment, Fairbanks strives to provide the best environment for recovery. To insure the health of patients, employees, students and volunteers Fairbanks is now tobacco-free. Studies show that when an individual stops the use of tobacco products while in treatment, his or her chance for recovery success increases.
The tobacco-free Fairbanks initiative has been positively received by staff, patients, visitors and volunteers. Everyone has shown great support in this effort.

In the first day follow up, the overall reports were encouraging. In our first sample of adult patients 40% were non-smokers/tobacco users and 60% were smokers/tobacco users. Of the 60% of tobacco users, 12% wanted to quit, 24% were open to quitting and 24% did not have the desire to stop smoking/using tobacco products. This is a great start to the beginning a tobacco-free Fairbanks. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Nicotine replacement therapy will be provided to detox and rehab patients according to their tobacco use assessment results. Patients who are admitted to outpatient treatment will also be provided with education and treatment support groups. If you would like more information about the tobacco cessation program at Fairbanks, please call 317-579-7090