Fairbanks honors its volunteers during annual dinner

Fairbanks honored its top volunteers of 2016 during a recent special recognition dinner at The Willows in Indianapolis.

Judy Steuer was named Volunteer of the Year. Steuer, who attended the event with her grandchildren, regularly volunteers in Fairbanks’ gift shop and also speaks to support groups. She donated 170 hours of her time in 2016.

“Being selected was such an honor,” Steuer said. “And quite a surprise. There are other volunteers here who do so much more.”

Kathleen Gill, Fairbanks’ alumni and volunteer coordinator, noted that Steuer has volunteered at Fairbanks for more than 17 years.

“Judy has a beautiful heart that just keeps giving,” Gill said. “Her warm smile and helpful ways make our patients feel special when they shop in our gift shop.”

The event also honored the late Judi Kramer, a former Fairbanks employee who established the nonprofit organization’s alumni and volunteer program over 30 years ago. Steuer was one of her first volunteers.

Also honored are volunteers who demonstrate one of Fairbanks core values through their volunteerism. The 2016 recipients are:

Serenity – Kim Manlove
Courage – Kevin Ulrey
Trust – Stormy Newton
Hope – Peter Gross
Wisdom – Bruce MacAllister

In 2016, Fairbanks had 279 volunteers who contributed 10,260 hours. That equals five full-time employees. Based on a pay scale of $10 an hour, they saved Fairbanks $102,600.

Among the departments at Fairbanks utilizing volunteers, there were over 2,050 volunteer hours contributed in support groups, 845 hours in the Access Center, 2,100 hours donated by staff assistants (those helping in the gym, kitchen, front desk, doctor’s office and clerical assistants), 2,292 hours in the gift shop, 2,951 hours at the Fresh Start Café in the Recovery Center and almost 167 hours contributed at the Saturday morning panels for patients.

As well, those in attendance at the dinner represented over 480 years of sobriety.