Fairbanks Board Member, Dr. Christopher Stack, Receives Volunteerism Award at the NAATP Annual Addiction Treatment Leadership Conference

Fairbanks Board Member, Dr. Christopher Stack was recently honored with the Caron Treatment Center Dr. Jasper G. Chen See, M.D Volunteerism Award at the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers) Board Reception, which is part of the 2010 NAATP Annual Addiction Treatment Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Stack has been actively involved with the Fairbanks Board of Directors since 2003. He currently serves on the finance and executive committees of the board. After actively participating on a recovery school visionary planning committee with other Fairbanks board members, staff and parents of adolescents in treatment, Dr. Stack was instrumental in assisting in Fairbanks gaining approval from the Office of the Mayor and the Indianapolis City County Council to operate Hope Academy as a charter school.

In 2005, he was elected as the first Chairman of the School Board of Hope Academy. This first appointment has given Dr. Stack the opportunity to lay the groundwork for structured board development, growth and participation. This commitment to structure and development led to Hope Academy being awarded very high scores on the annual survey conducted by the Indianapolis Mayor’s charter school evaluation committee. Dr. Stack and the staff of Hope Academy work diligently to meet and exceed the performance and academic standards set by the state legislature for charter schools.

“We are extremely pleased to recognize individuals who have contributed so much of their volunteer time and energy to the community,” said Cathy Palm , Chairperson of the NAATP Board of Directors. “We want this award to inspire others to emulate the spirit of Dr. Chen See.”