Faces of Hope: Rachelle Gardner

Introducing our first Face of Hope, Rachelle Gardner.

Through the Faces of Hope initiative, we seek to recognize and honor some of those people and entities that have been critical to the success of Hope Academy, Fairbanks’ recovery high school. The initiative seeks to tell Hope Academy’s story over the past 10 years through the stories of those who have been involved in helping to create Hope Academy’s history. Additionally, we hope it introduces even more people to Hope Academy’s mission through the meaningful stories of these faces who are so well known around Hope Academy.

Rachelle started working with young people in recovery 24 years ago after she graduated from Indiana University. It was during this time as a clinician that she felt more was needed for these young people to have the opportunity to remain clean and sober. This is where the vision of Hope Academy was born. The best thing about Hope Academy to Rachelle is, “The students’ resiliency and ability to stick with something. They’re the real heroes of all this, because of what they’ve gone through and what they’ve done. To also focus and study and graduate and go on to better things is the one thing I enjoy the most.”

Read the rest of Rachelle’s story here.