Faces of Hope: Dr. Sigurd Zielke

Introducing our 10th Face of Hope, Dr. Sigurd Zielke.

Through the Faces of Hope initiative, we seek to recognize and honor some of those people and entities that have been critical to the success of Hope Academy, Fairbanks’ recovery high school. The initiative seeks to tell Hope Academy’s story over the past 10 years through the stories of those who have been involved in helping to create Hope Academy’s history. Additionally, we hope it introduces even more people to Hope Academy’s mission through the meaningful stories of these faces who are so well known around Hope Academy.

While Hope Academy is designed for students who’ve already had addiction treatment, its leadership still wanted to bolster sobriety while fostering a valuable educational experience. Achieving that balance required a lot of trial and error, but Dr. Zielke made sure to back it with fact-finding. Without such data, he figured the recovery school movement would be short-lived.

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