Ed’s Gratitude List

Fairbanks Alumnus and Volunteer Ed has been in long-term recovery for four years and is thankful for everything he has gained through his sobriety. To reflect on what he is thankful for this year, he put together a gratitude list. “Actions have consequences. My past actions have given me some unhappy ones,” Ed said. “My current actions have consequences as well—much better ones. Here are some of the fruits of my recovery.”

• I have a decent place to live, plenty to eat and a comfortable place to rest.
• I am going to marry my beautiful Sweet Heart—in Jamaica!
• I am done with the courts next March.
• I have true friends that don’t care what I can do for them.
• I met a man in the program who has become my best friend. We get to play music together.
• I have been able to acquire some fine guitars.
• I don’t have to feel like I used to anymore.
• I like myself. Self-loathing is in the past.
• I can be of service to my Higher Power and my fellow friends in recovery.
• I feel strong in body, mind and spirit.
• I am one of many, no longer alone and different.
• I don’t feel broken anymore.
• I am finding that I can deal with life as it comes.
• I am no longer living in fear that people will find out the truth about me.
• The authorities are losing interest in me.
• I have been given a set of principles which I can apply in my daily being, which helps me become the man I wish to be.
• l am so much more comfortable in my own skin.

This is Ed’s list. What’s on your list? Remember your gratitude list this time of year to remind yourself what you are thankful for this holiday season. A gratitude list is also one way to maintain your sobriety during stressful times throughout the year including holidays. For additional holiday recovery tips, visit www.fairbankscd.org/blog/recovery-tips-for-the-holidays.