Donor Spotlight: The 24 Group

The 24 Group Board

The 24 Group Board at The Hawk Walk

Q: What is The 24 Group?
A: The 24 Group is a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the effects of substance abuse on families, based on firsthand experience. We provide information and support to families, professionals and the community. Through our fundraising events, The 24 Group awards grants to Indiana nonprofit organizations that facilitate recovery from the disease of addiction.

Q: What does the mission of Fairbanks mean to you?
A: Fairbanks is a vital, life-changing, life-saving resource for persons facing the challenges of substance use disorders. The 24 Group board members have had direct experience with a family member who has received help and support from Fairbanks, and we count our families and loved ones among those who found long-term recovery with the help of Fairbanks.

Q: Why does The 24 Group choose to include Fairbanks in their charitable giving?
A: We believe that those touched by addiction in adolescence and young adulthood deserve support and advocacy, and that treatment and recovery support should be available to all. Fairbanks has demonstrated it is one of the premier providers of quality services to this age group, and we particularly value the commitment to involve families in the process.

Q: How do your donations make a difference at Fairbanks?
A: We ask all of our grant recipient organizations to provide a report of how their grant dollars were used. The reports we have received about the young people who have benefited from our grants to Fairbanks have moved us with their powerful stories of recovery and hope for the future, and inspired us to continue our efforts to raise funds so we can keep supporting what Fairbanks does.

Q: What motivates you to continue giving to Fairbanks?
A: Several of our board members continue to participate in Fairbanks programs and support groups on a weekly basis, actively contributing to and benefiting from these services. In doing so, we experience firsthand not only the change and restoration that recovery brings to the lives of families whose loved ones struggle with addiction, but more importantly the life-long transformation that can take place in long-term recovery of everyone touched by the disease of addiction.

Q: What would you tell someone who was thinking about donating to Fairbanks or Hope Academy?
A: Fairbanks and Hope Academy are extraordinary places, where lives are transformed and hope is restored on a daily basis.

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