Breaking Down The Drug: Molly

A string of deaths on the East Coast have led to a closer look into the drug “Molly.” After many musical references, there has recently been an increase in the use of the drug. Some people may think Molly is a new drug, but it is actually a new name for the drug more commonly known as ecstasy. It has been popular at concerts and on the club scene, but people who are using Molly may not be fully aware of what they are consuming.

Molly is a pill form of the club drug MDMA or ecstasy. The name “Molly” comes from the word molecular, which refers to the pure powder form of the drug. The exact makeup is still being investigated, but some researchers have found batches of the drug that include a mixture of cocaine, heroin and other substances.

“Anytime you buy a drug off the street, you don’t know what you’re using. That’s the most dangerous part,” said Robin Parsons, Fairbanks Director of Adult Services.

Some people have been more trusting of synthetic drugs such as Molly because of the belief that the drug is pure. Users of the drug have reported feelings of euphoria and a surge of energy.

“It has become popular amongst the young, urban adults in club and social scenes,” said Parsons. “This population tends to believe the drug will make them feel good, but not out of control.”

But the consequences of taking the drug are very risky. The side effects of Molly range from a change in body temperature, depression, confusion and trouble sleeping. More severe side effects include dehydration, over hydration, hallucinations and death.

“Since we are still learning about the components of Molly, we don’t know what will happen when it’s mixed with alcohol or other drugs,” said Parsons. “Those can be those cases that lead to trips to the ER from seizures and overdoses.”