Board of Directors Spotlight: Carol Lukemeyer

Carol Lukemeyer has been a member of the Fairbanks Board of Directors for nearly five years and is a true asset to the organization. Carol was first introduced to Fairbanks as a child. Her father practiced psychiatry at Methodist Hospital when Fairbanks was located on 16th Street in Indianapolis. Carol’s father referred patients to Fairbanks, was a supporter of the organization and shared his passion with his family.

“Early on I understood that alcoholism was a disease and that treatment was available. I wanted to be involved with Fairbanks to help provide assistance to patients in need and better the lives of people struggling in our community.”

In addition to being a board member, Carol currently serves on the quality improvement committee and is the chair of the development committee.

“Serving Fairbanks is important to me because I believe strongly that drug and alcohol addiction is the primary contributor to a lot of our social issues today, which we fail in addressing unless we provide a means to treat the disease of addiction.”

Carol has nearly two decades of experience working with nonprofits. She is the owner of Data Sense and focuses on development services as a fundraising consultant. She manages prospect research, prospect management and tracking, gift entry and database usage. With this experience, Carol brings significant value to the board.

“I’ve been in the field of fundraising for 18 years and I hope that experience has been helpful in communicating to the board the importance of development and fundraising in ensuring the future of the organization,” Carol said.

Carol earned a master’s degree in library science, which prepared her to understand how information should be collected, stored, formatted and disseminated to serve the needs of the clients—an important asset in the roles in which she serves.

In addition to serving at Fairbanks, Carol is the current board member and president-elect for the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Carol has also volunteered in the library at Riley Children’s Hospital, on the hospice unit at Methodist Hospital and as a mentor at Starfish Initiative. Carol is a former board member of the Carvel Club and a former deacon at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church.