Bianca’s Story

Born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana, Bianca was the middle of three sisters with loving and supportive parents. “I had the perfect childhood,” says Bianca as she reflects on her upbringing.

Average in academics, Bianca quickly found her place in athletics. Soon she became a leader on the basketball court, but a stress fracture in her leg resulted in three surgeries. Bianca continued to play while being prescribed medications to manage her pain.

By her senior year, she was pursued by colleges and hopeful she would be recruited. Her future was looking better than ever, until one decision changed everything. She brought pills to school to trade with another classmate, was caught and expelled.

“I had always been in my hometown newspaper for good things and now it was for something terrible. My whole family was embarrassed.”

Bianca transferred to an alternative school and graduated, but without basketball she lost her identity. The next several years only became worse for Bianca. Her life spiraled out of control when her partner was killed in a drunk driving accident. Numbing her pain with alcohol and drugs, Bianca had multiple run-ins with the law. On the morning of April 11, 2012 she knew she had to make a change for good.

“I woke up in jail with no recollection of the night prior,” says Bianca. She was informed that she had hurt someone during her blackout. “This was the first time during my drinking and using that I had harmed another person.”

The court gave Bianca an option—jail or treatment. Bianca chose treatment and was admitted to Fairbanks later that evening. From that point on her life began to change.

She participated in every program from rehab and outpatient treatment to supportive living and recovery management. Today Bianca has over a year of sobriety and life just keeps getting better. She shares her experience, strength and hope as a volunteer at Fairbanks and holds an office position in her 12-step support group.